Scanbalt Newsletter May 2004

Scanbalt Newsletter May 2004


  • ScanBalt gains momentum
  • Kick off conference: Regional foresight
  • New Europe 2020: Strategies and visions for wider Europe
  • EU calls, policy and information
  • Events
  • Deadline for ScanBalt News

ScanBalt gains momentum

The participation in ScanBalt is steadily rising month by month. At the present the following networks are involved with ScanBalt:

In addition 45 Universities and other public institutions together with more than 30 large Pharma industries and small biotech companies are currently involved in various ScanBalt activities such as projects inside a number of topics.

ScanBalt promotes the development of ScanBalt BioRegion as a globally competitive meta-bioregion. In particular ScanBalt is a tool for the participants to create visibility for the ScanBalt BioRegion and the actors in it; to attract human resources and capital; to initiate and facilitate the creation of critical mass; to coordinate joint efforts in research, education and technology transfer; to create a framework for collaboration among academia, hospitals, public authorities, private companies and individuals; to create a framework for dialogue and collaboration among networks and to create a framework for dialogue with supranational institutions. Read more at

Kick off Conference: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – Model region of the European Commission Regional foresight, Krupp Kolleg Greifswald 7.06.2004, 3.30 pm
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern serves as a European model region for a Foresight initiative of the European Union. Within the framework of this exercise, a High Level Expert Group will develop a blueprint for a regional foresight process. The blueprint will outline, how a structured action plan can be developed in order to master the two key challenges of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: migration and unemployment.

Foresight is a tool that suits the needs of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern very well. One example for a powerful application of foresight is the field of preventive medicine, health and wellness in which Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has thorough experience.

Share your experiences with the international experts during a Conference on June 7th in Greifswald. Please inform colleagues and partners, who might be interested to participate in the conference. Further information at

New Europe 2020: Strategies and visions for wider Europe 27-28 August 2004 Turku, Finland

The Pan-European Institute at the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration organises a high-level international conference on the future economic and business development in Wider Europe.

The first conference day consists of plenary sessions with presentations by representatives from various European countries, top managers of large European corporations and leading academics. Speakers include such names asMinister for Foreign Trade and Development Paula Lehtomäki (Finland),Director Yegor Gaidar, Institute of the Economy in Transition (Russia), ChairmanAnatoly Chubais, RAO UES (Russia),Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristiina Ojuland(Estonia),Head Pekka Sutela, Institute of Transition Economies (Finland),President designate Esko Aho, Sitra (Finland),Senior Vice-President Stefan Widomski, Nokia (Finland),Director Markku Kivinen, The Finnish Institute of Russian and East European Studies (Finland) etc.

The second conference day offers different tracks for academic research papers and policy oriented case studies to meet the needs of different participants (academics, practitioners, policy makers). The multidisciplinary conference invites both theoretical and empirical papers that may contribute to a synthetic understanding of the future challenges of the Wider Europe. The main topics of the conference are divided in five conference tracks:Business Development in Wider Europe, Trade and Investments in Wider Europe, Policies in Wider Europe, Environmental Challenges in Wider Europe and Social Changes in Wider Europe. Please visit the conference website for additional information:

3rd ScanBalt Forum – 1st announcement
We would like to invite you to the 3rd ScanBalt Forum – The Competence Region. The Forum will take place in Turku Science Park, Finland on 25th and 26th of August 2004. The Forum will create the future of the ScanBalt Competence region by establishing Scientific Platforms and Public-Private Partnerships. The aim of the Forum is to promote networking, to create new contacts and collaboration for mutual benefit and funding of activities within biotechnology in the ScanBalt Competence Region.

The focus of the 3rd ScanBalt Forum is both scientific and entrepreneurial. The programme is built on the ScanBalt ongoing projects or project ideas with renowned speakers. See 1st announcement here:

EU calls, information and policy May 2004
This section is under developement on the website:

Events May – June 2004

Deadline for the next issue of ScanBalt News is 28 May.

Editor: Peter Frank

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