Scanbalt Newsletter November 2003

Scanbalt Newsletter November 2003


ScanBalt focus on Marine Biotechnology
ScanBalt at BioTech Forum Science Conference, Stockholm
ScanBalt in The Second Northern Dimension Action Plan
ScanBalt at the BSSSC Conference in St. Petersburg
NORIA – Nordic Research and Innovation Area
EU calls and publications
EU policy focus and web services
Life Science events

Scanbalt Focus on Marine Biotechnology

A Marine biotech group has been established in ScanBalt with representatives from both the public and private sectors of Marine Biotechnology, including scientists from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Russia. Professor Peter Aleström from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science in Oslo chairs the group. The president of the European Society for Marine Biotechnology, Jan A. Olafsen, Norway, says: “Researchers involved in Marine Biotechnology related activities have a mixed background and scientific focus, and do not always naturally communicate. It is our hope that international networking activities in marine biotechnology may improve communications and thus further support the field. I was very glad to see the ScanBalt effort and I am looking forward to participate in the first meeting next year”.
For further information please contact: Peter Aleström, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, or Lise Vinkel, ScanBalt secretariat: .

Scanbalt at Biotech Forum Science Conference, Stockholm

ScanBalt will exhibit at the BioTech Forum Conference, Stockholm, November 26-28 2003. Bo Samuelsson, chairman of ScanBalt says: “It is important for ScanBalt to be present at high level biotech events in the ScanBalt BioRegion like the BioTech Forum in Stockholm. The Stockholm-Uppsala area has a massive clustering of academic and commercial competencies inside biotech and life sciences. It is therefore obvious for ScanBalt to strengthen the bonds to the region”.
The link has now expired but has details of the forthcoming Biotech Forum 2004.

Scanbalt in the Second Northern Dimension Action Plan

The European Council held in Brussels on 16 and 17 October 2003 has endorsed the Second Northern Dimension Action Plan 2004-2006 (NDAP II). ScanBalt is mentioned in the NDAP II as a contributor to the Northern Dimension activities. The NDAP II sets out a framework of priorities, objectives and actions to be pursued in the implementation of the Northern Dimension in the external and cross-border policies of the European Union over the period 2004-2006. The NDAP II is an overall strategy to support a framework of dialogue, co-operation and coordination within 5 main priority sectors – through the existing EU funding instruments. Economy, business and infrastructure, Human resources, education, culture, scientific research and health, Cross-border cooperation and regional development are all important elements in the plan. A general focus of the plan is to strengthen the involvement and integration of the Russian Federation in the Northern Dimension.
Read the 2nd Northern Dimension Action Plan

Scabbalt at the BSSSC Conference in St. Petersburg

Prof. Vadim Vasilyev presented ScanBalt October 24 in St. Petersburg at a conference held by the BSSSC (Baltic Sea States Sub regional Co-operation). Prof. Vadim Vasilyev is ScanBalt Steering Committee member and Chairman of the Educational Mobility project. The main theme of the conference was the EU Second Northern Dimension Action Plan 2004-2006 (NDAP II) and how to promote its objectives at the local, regional and meta-regional level. An important issue discussed at the conference was mobility and ScanBalt as a model for concrete initiatives of cooperation at the meta-regional level.

Noria – Nordic Research and Innovation Area

A White Paper on developing the Nordic region into an international leader in the field of research and innovation was presented 29 October 2003 at the Nordic Council Session in Oslo by the author Prof. Gustav Björkstrand, Åbo Akademi and Sweden’s Minister of Education, Thomas Östros.
The paper suggests the formation of a strong common Nordic Research and Innovation Council (NorFIR) in order to promote joint actions and support common research initiatives at the highest level. The aim is to gather sufficient critical mass through strengthened cooperation and promote the competitiveness of the Nordic countries within research. Furthermore participation of the Baltic Sea States and North West Russia will also be an important focus of a future NorFIR.

EU Calls and Publications

Funding to cooperation with scientist from the former Soviet Union
Funding to research within Health, Marine Biotech and integration of the European union
The link has now expired.

Development conditions for high-tech start-ups
The link has now expired.

EU Policy Focus and Web Services

Policy focus
Innovative hot spots
Nordic Research area
The link has now expired.

Web services
SME TechWeb: SME tool to overview of EU funding
Database on regional development policies
The link has now expired.

Life Science Events

The Mouse genome
Biotechnology in Agro-industry
Online Patent Management
Bioethics and IPR
“A vision for university based research and innovation”-conference
From research to innovative business
Business Angel network: cross border initiatives
Candidate countries: regional innovation info
Mapping excellence in Accession countries
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