Scanbalt Newsletter October 2003

Scanbalt Newsletter October 2003

Scanbalt Stem Cell Research Network

In the end of November 2003 leading stem cell researchers from all the ScanBalt countries will meet in Funen, Denmark. The aim is to discuss and form a common framework of cooperation.
Training and mobility of researchers will be highly important in order to develop cooperation, transfer knowledge and to exploit synergies. If such measures are initiated the ScanBalt BioRegion has the potential of becoming one of the world leading areas within stem cell research.
“The ambitions are very high and we are convinced that this network based on concrete research will be very constructive and hopefully motivate for similar initiatives of cooperation in other fields. The considerable interest and the fact that the meeting will gather all important research environments shows that ScanBalt does provide the critical mass and a valuable platform for networking”, says Assist. Professor Morten Meyer, stem cell researcher at University of Southern Denmark and project committee member of the ScanBalt project Educational Mobility.
The meeting is sponsored by a NorFA grant and initiated by the project Educational Mobility. Project Chairman Professor Vadim Vasilyev is also participating in the ScanBalt Stem Cell Research Network.
Information: Niels Fuglede, ScanBalt secretaria 

Meet Scanbalt!

ScanBalt is on its way to be a household name for the biotech society in ScanBalt BioRegion – not least due to a number of presentations and exhibitions. In September ScanBalt was presented by Hanna Halma, BioTurku, at The Nordic Science Parks Conference 2003 held in Reykjavik, Iceland. This was followed in the end of September by a presentation at the Biotech meets Society conference in Espoo, Finland. In October Anna Ludwiczak, University of Gdansk, will present ScanBalt at the Young Scientist Nordic Forum 3-5 October in AArhus, Denmark ( ). ScanBalt is then co-organizer of a work shop on health care chaired by ScanBalt chairman Bo Samuelsson during the summit of the Baltic Development Forum ( ) 5-7 October in Riga. The 7-9 October ScanBalt will be presented from the booth of BioCon Valley at the Biotechnica Hannover and November 26-28 ScanBalt will have a booth at the Biotech Forum in Stockholm. (Link has expired but has details of the 2004 event)

EU Calls and Publications

Money for SME partnering events and for a platform for women scientists
Euro 1 million for outstanding researchers and five years funding for young scientists. The link has now expired.

EU Policy Focus and Web Services

Marine research strategy
Guide to electronic submissions and to EU´s information website
The link has now expired

Life Science Events

Nano-technology Forum
Genomic international seminar
2 events for Biotech and life science start-ups
The link has now expired.

Deadline for Scanbalt News

Deadline for the next issue of ScanBalt News is 30 October. If you have any news or information you would like to share, then please forward a few lines and add a link if necessary. Attachments should be avoided, however in case a link is not providing information in English, it will of course be accepted.
Editor: Peter Frank

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