ScanBalt Press Release – Northern European Life Science United by ScanBalt

ScanBalt Press Release – Northern European Life Science United by ScanBalt

ScanBalt, after two years as a project funded by the Nordic Innovation Center, has now become an independent not for profit membership based association. The ScanBalt statutes were signed on August 25, 2004, in Turku, Finland, by 22 Founding Members that represent regions, public institutions and private companies within the life science sector.

This marks the start of an exciting new phase of development for ScanBalt and demonstrates the commitment and belief of its members.
“It is a necessity for the development of the ScanBalt BioRegion into a globally competitive meta-region, Europe’s first, that ScanBalt as a tool is adapted. The aim is to take effective advantages of a unique window of opportunity.” Said prof. Bo Samuelsson, ScanBalt’s chairman and former vice chancellor at Göteborg University, Sweden. “By means of creating critical mass, mobility, integration and visibility we hope to achieve our goal for the benefit of society and be able to face the serious challenges for European research, education and innovation. The strong backing from the regional players in the life science communities throughout ScanBalt BioRegion together with the growing attention from decision and opinion makers are reasons to be optimistic”

The statutes were signed at the 3rd ScanBalt Forum that this year was organized by BioTurku ( The Forum is a yearly event for key actors in the ScanBalt BioRegion to discuss scientific issues such as stem cell research, bio fuels and clinical research as well as to promote networking and collaboration.

Vice chairmen of ScanBalt are managing director Wolfgang Blank, BioCon Valley, Greifswald/Rostock, Germany; vice president, Børge Diderichsen, Novo Nordisk, Denmark; prof. Jaanus Pikani, Estonian Biotechnology Association, Estonia and prof. Anna Podhajska, Center of Technology Transfer, Gdansk University, Poland.

Peter Frank (43) has been appointed as general secretary. He has a background as a research scientist and experience in strategic communication and business administration.

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ScanBalt members: