ScanBalt Project News: Campus Knowledge Centre Formed for Environmental Biotechnology

ScanBalt Project News: Campus Knowledge Centre Formed for Environmental Biotechnology

The proposal for a SBC Knowledge Centre with its node at GMV, Centre for Environment and Sustainability at Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University, and in cooperation with interested partners within ScanBalt Campus was presented by professor Oliver Lindqvist at the Scanbalt kick-off meeting in Lund June 14.

The scientific basis (in Göteborg) are the intersection between Chalmers Environmental Initiative (CEI) and Chalmers Bioscience Initiative. Scientific focus is: Renewable energy, chemicals and new products from forestry and agriculture. One aim is production of bio-fuel for the transport sector based on residues (or products) from forestry and agriculture. Three areas of great interest are extraction of lignin from black liquor (kraft paper pulp process), ethanol production: separation of lignin from process streams and gasification of biomaterial.
An idea for network collaboration involves universities and industry in the ScanBalt region.

Potential research projects in the knowledge center are:
– Modification of surface properties of cellulose fibers (paper, hygien products, etc.)
– Bio-fuel: ethanol, DME
– Enzyme catalyzed sulphur removal from lignin

Process Workshop
There will be a presentation of this Campus Knowledge Centre on the 31st October which will take place at Göteborg University, hosted by the Chalmers BioCenter and Center for Environment and Sustainability.

The purposes of the meeting are to initiate new transnational cooperation in education, research, tech transfer or development activities in the field of Environmental Biotechnology.

The meeting will be organized with different sessions directed to researchers, teachers and to people working with organisation and administration. We would appreciate if you hand over this invitation to persons at your institute who might be interested.

The program will contain:

Presentation of SBKC Environmental Biotechnology

EU and the 7th framework programme, Technology platforms

Discussion on research focus and transnational cooperation in education

“One to one” meeting with researchers and teachers at Göteborg University and Chalmers University of Technology

For registration details please visit the link below.

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Project part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) within the BSR INTERREG III B Neighbourhood Programme

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