ScanBalt Project News: CompetenceRegion Meeting Report, Feb 2006, Latvia

ScanBalt Project News: CompetenceRegion Meeting Report, Feb 2006, Latvia

The transnational  workshop “Biotechnology Networking and Attraction of Venture Capital” sponsored by FP6 project ScanBalt Competence Region took place in Latvia, Riga,  Biomedical Research and Study Centre, University of Latvia on 13th February 2006.

This event called together more than 40 participants: representatives from Latvia’s Research institutions, Universities, SMEs, Pharmaceutical companies, NCP, Latvian Investment and Development Agency as well as visiting lecturers: prof. Bo Samuelsson, Chairman of the Scanbalt (Sweden), H.Halme, Turku Bio Valley Ltd/BioTurku (Finland), W.Blank, BioCon Valley Ltd. (Germany), representatives from Estonian Association of Biotechnology and Institute of Biotechnology, Lithuania. Latvian team of „Boosting Baltic FP6” project participated in this event, too.

In the workshop the experience in innovation processes and in collaboration between research and industry in the participant countries was shared. Prof. E.Grens presented the research activities of Biomedical Research and Study Centre (BMC), University of Latvia. Participants of the workshop visited laboratories of BMC and SMEs that are located in the venue. The main discussions of the workshop were focused on the collaboration between life science / biotechnology sector and industry. First mapping results of ScanBalt Bioregion were presented by prof.V.Pirags, Paul Stradins Clinical Hospital (Latvia).

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Source: Dace Tirzite, Latvian National Contact Point, Boosting Baltic Project Partner

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