ScanBalt speeds up process on organisational development

ScanBalt speeds up process on organisational development

During ScanBalt Forum in May clear signals were received from the more than 170 participants, that ScanBalt should quickly adjust to gain maximum benefits from the very positive response to the concept “network of networks”.

Therefore a working group, headed by Wolfgang Blank, will present a proposal in September to be discussed by the Steering Committee of ScanBalt. If adopted ScanBalt will in the future be a legally and politically independent self-financed not-for-profit organisation.

Wolfgang Blank says “We are in an excellent position to strengthen ScanBalt BioRegion to be globally competitive and must do all we can to utilize this, now when timing is right. One important tool is to create our own unique model for how to organise the biotech world in a meta-region like ScanBalt”.

For further information contact:
Wolfgang Blank
mob +49 [171] 76 10 133 or
Peter Frank
mob + 45 20778314

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