Scandinavian Life Science Database Launch!

Scandinavian Life Science Database Launch!

The leading regional actors in Scandinavia are now joining forces. As a first step we are establishing the Scandinavian Life Science Database – a comprehensive database of Scandinavian companies active in the Life Science area. This joint database will be a powerful tool as it is based on multiple local and regional databases – now merged together into a common interface.

The database will be under continuous development and more companies and better search possibilities will be added further on. The aim is to make a future version of the database that includes the entire ScanBalt bioregion.

On the website you can search the database and find the company you are looking for. At the moment the Scandinavian Life Science Database contains over 1 200 companies from Sweden, Denmark end Norway. All companies have a focus on Life Science, either it will be in biotechnology, medical devices or as service providers. The first version of the Scandinavian Life Science Database will be introduced in June 2004. 

Behind the Scandinavian Life Science Database stands the following actors: Business Region Göteborg, Karolinska Institutet, MedCoast Scandinavia, Medicon Valley Academy, ScanBalt, Stockholm BioRegion, SwedenBIO and Uppsala BIO. 

For more information please contact
Business Region Göteborg : Annette Ravenshorst, %3E/" target="_blank"> 

Karolinska Institutet : Johan Arnell, %3E/" target="_blank"> 
MedCoast Scandinavia : Jens Gran, %3E/" target="_blank"> 
Medicon Valley Academy : Elise Kvarnström, %3E/" target="_blank"> 
ScanBalt : Peter Frank, , Elise Kvarnström, %3E/" target="_blank">  
Stockholm BioRegion : Maj-Inger Nilsson, %3E/" target="_blank"> 
SwedenBIO : Mats Berggren, %3E/" target="_blank"> 
Uppsala BIO : Rhiannon Sanders, %3E/" target="_blank"> 

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