Sequentix: New BioCon Valley Start-Up

Sequentix: New BioCon Valley Start-Up

On Monday, September 5th, 2005, the new company ‘SequentiX – Digital DNA Processing’ officially opened for business in Klein Raden (Germany). This specialist bioinformatics company offers analysis of digital DNA data (DNA=desoxy-ribonucleic acid), using its own high-tech software, and in a fraction of the time required hitherto. This will help medical and biotechnology companies as well as research institutions save on expensive expertise costs and thereby minimize their own costs.

Apart from the time advantage, the professional services developed by SequentiX allow identification, processing and visualization of DNA data without the need for additional analyses by the client research institutions. Sequentix thereby closes a service gap in the data preparation chain between the generation of the DNA raw data and publication-ready graphics.

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News Source: Heinrich Cuypers, BioCon Valley.

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