Shanghai Biotech moves large facility to Malmö, Sweden

Shanghai Biotech moves large facility to Malmö, Sweden

Shanghai’s Dongbao Biopharmaceutical has signed an agreement with Ferring Pharmaceuticals to take over Ferring’s manufacturing facilities in Malmö. Ferring had planned to close the production facilities in March 2008.

The agreement becomes effective as from January 1, 2007.

The current workforce at Ferring’s facility in Malmö is 125. Dongbao Biopharmaceutical plans on retaining 50 of these employees and hopes to increase the staff to 100 within five years.

Shanghai Dongbao Biopharmaceutical is part of the Dongbao Enterprise Group, which is one of China’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

“We see great potential for the manufacturing centre at Malmö,” said George Li, President of Dongbao Biopharmaceutical. “The site is technically very developed and the current team, offer a lot of knowledge and competencies.”

Source: BiotechSweden: “Chinese owner for Ferring’s site” by Alannah Eames

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