SIMI offers two medical executive-management education programs

SIMI offers two medical executive-management education programs

SIMI is offers two medical executive-management education programs.

Medical Products Industry – Executive Management Training Programs

SIMI is pleased to offer two executive-management education programs – Managing Medical Product Innovation (MMPI) and Medical Business Strategy (MBS) – specifically designed to help medical products companies meet today’s challenges and exploit tomorrow’s opportunities.

Both programs employ SIMI’s distinctive learning methodology, which anchors classroom work to the particular needs of participating companies. Teams of two to four managers apply what they learn directly to a home-company project, thus using the program as a vehicle to address current and emerging challenges.

SIMI is now accepting applications for:
Managing Medical Product Innovation (MMPI): Geared toward experienced functional or program managers who need to develop cross-functional innovation leadership skills, MMPI helps participating companies to identify and maximize innovation opportunities and design specific innovation improvement initiatives.

Medical Business Strategy (MBS): Geared toward upper-middle managers who currently have or are being prepared by their companies to take on broader strategic responsibilities, MBS helps participating companies to develop and implement effective strategies for a selected business unit or product/therapy area, and to maximize the cross-functional processes that support these strategies.

Early application deadline for both programs is November 24, 2006.

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