“Tell us where to cut red tape” – Commission asks Business

“Tell us where to cut red tape” – Commission asks Business

Reducing overregulation and bureaucracy contributes to growth and jobs. Unnecessary rules and red-tape stand in the way of sustainable growth, deter business investment or hinder job creation. This is why cutting red-tape on all levels is an integral part of the European Commission’s “Partnership for Jobs and Growth” (see IP/05/311 and MEMO/05/93). As a next concrete step to deliver on its promise, the European Commission has now launched a public on-line consultation to ask business how they feel the business environment in the EUcan be improved and administrative burden can be reduced. Through an online questionnaire, the Commission asks companies and other interested parties to identify particularly burdensome rules and make suggestions as to how best to simplify them.

The consultation is open from the 1st June 2005 via the Commission’s “Your Voice in Europe” Internet site athttp://europa.eu.int/yourvoice/consultations. The information gathered will be compiled and examined in the Commission’s “Red Tape Observatory” and the responsible Commission services.

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