SMEs Go LifeSciences Database – 550+ Profiles

SMEs Go LifeSciences Database – 550+ Profiles

“SMEs go LifeSciences”, supporting participation of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Life Sciences area of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) has been operating for 1 year.

Its database is currently providing more than 550 company and researcher profiles from all over Europe in the areas of Life Sciences, with more than 300 SME profiles.

One major service of the “SMEs go LifeSciences” project is the establishment of a good database, in a quantitative and qualitative sense, in order to initiate and ease international research cooperation. At the moment more than 550 research institutions and companies engaged in Life Sciences have provided their research/activity profiles, increasing their visibility and chance to find suitable research (project) partners.

More than 300 SMEs have taken the opportunity to register and make their expertise profile accessible to others operating in similar fields.

In respect of the 4th Life Sciences Call in FP6 by the European Commission, to come in Summer 2005, the time is more than suitable to project an international innovation.

The European Commission has set aside a remarkable budget for funding SME research project participation. Register and find potential research project partners!

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Source: SMEs Go LifeSciences

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