Special Effort to Support Research Intensive SMEs

Special Effort to Support Research Intensive SMEs

A special effort to stimulate the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises 1, SMEs, in Thematic Priority 1 in the 4th call for proposals is done by introducing the Specific Targeted Research Projects (STREPs) dedicated to SMEs,“SME-STREPs”. A specific call is envisaged for the “SME-STREPs” with an indicative budget of 171 million € .

These “SME-STREPs” are specifically designed to encourage SME efforts towards research and innovation. Such STREPs should be centred on the reinforcement of SME’s scientific and technological knowledge and on the validation of innovative solutions. Research-intensive SMEs are expected to play leading roles 2 in the project with the possible participation of universities, research centres, other industries and industrial associations. Expected project results should clearly be of interest and potential benefit to SME(s).

The requested EC contribution to participating SMEs must in all cases be substantial.All consortia should aim at having 30-50 % of the requested EC contribution budget going to SMEs. (Subcontracting is discouraged 3). Please note that the new Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC 4 will apply to the definition of SMEs as from 1 January 2005.

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