sTARTUp 2015 BioTech screened healthtech ideas and startups in Estonia

sTARTUp 2015 BioTech screened healthtech ideas and startups in Estonia

BLOODFLOW and MSDx sTARTUp winners.


On the picture: BLOODFLOW the winner of sTARTUp 2015 Biotech

On 30th October 2015, the first sTARTUp 2015 Biotech event took place in the Garage48 HUB in Tartu, Estonia.

sTARTUp Biotech events bring together start-ups and established entrepreneurs within biotechnology, medicine and veterinary medicine.

The target groups of this event were students, young researchers and novice entrepreneurs together with more experienced people.

sTartUp offers lectures and mentoring

Most founders were present with an idea and took advantage of the option to find new team members on the spot. Their ideas were shortly introduced during 3-minute pitches at the start of the day marking the start line for measuring the progress during the day and to provide the audience with an overview of the projects.

On the picture: Indrek Tammeaid speaks about investments. Can science be a business?

With the aim on business development and execution of the ideas, sTARTUp2015 offered lectures and mentoring from experienced experts from different fields.

Main topics covered were idea development, marketing and entering foreign markets, finding investors, patenting and intellectual property management.

Three set of mentors joined each team for short Q&A sessions after the lectures helping to develop each idea individually. The mentoring ended with pitch training giving useful tips on presenting yourself.

The day ended with final pitching contest, where each team was given 3 minutes to present themselves and the work done during the day. Teams, ideas and pitches were judged by mentors giving out prizes in three categories:

    • The winner of sTARTUp 2015 Biotech
    • Best pitch
    • Best development idea

The Winners

This year, there were two main winners: the winner of sTARTUp 2015 Biotech BLOODFLOW and best pitch by MSDx.

On the picture: Best pitch winners MSDx

The sponsors and organizer

Sponsors of the event were Tartu City Government, Tartu Biotechnology Park and Invent Baltics.

The event was organized by Tartu Biotechnology Park and Tartu City Government.

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