Stem cell film wins award

Stem cell film wins award

Stem cell film wins award

Scientists representing an EU funded project have won a major award for filmmaking at a science media festival in Tromsø, Norway, on 13 June 2006.

‘A Stem Cell Story’ impressed the judges with its clarity, and hand-drawn animations by director Cameron Duguid.

Diabetes researcher, Professor Daniel Pipeleers, features in the film. ‘pan-European collaboration is needed to develop cell therapy for major diseases, and gave us this exciting possibility to communicate current scientific ideas and clinical perspectives to both the scientists of tomorrow and the patients of today,’ he said.

The film was designed to appeal to as wide as audience as possible, from the dedicated professional to the layman. The judges agreed, and liked the way schoolchildren and their teachers helped to shape the film into its finished form.

‘When scientists and filmmakers work together, the results can be compelling,’ said Executive Producer Amy Hardie. ‘From our experience […] we know there is a discerning audience that is hungry to see intelligent, visual films like this,’ she said.

The film’s appeal has already been proved – it is already a popular teaching aid in schools, as it is seen as a good way to stimulate debate about stem cell research.

EuroStemCell is an Integrated Project of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), funded with EUR 11.9 million, featuring collaboration between 27 partners in eight countries with the aim of bringing stem cell technology to the clinic.

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