Support to attract Polish scientist abroad to return to Poland

Support to attract Polish scientist abroad to return to Poland

Support to attract Polish scientist abroad to return to Poland.

The Foundation for Polish Science  (FNP) awards 5,5 milliom Euro annually  to scientists

FNP operates a number of programmes targeted at scientists and research workers engaged in all fields of study. These schemes include:
– the FNP Annual Prize, regarded as the most prestigious of its kind in Poland,
– numerous grant projects aimed mainly at young scholars,
– a number of long-lasting programmes for research teams
– programmes addressed to scientists from abroad who are interested in conducting their research in Poland.

The common objective of the funding is to respond with maximum flexibility to the needs of the scientific community in Poland and to contribute to the development of international cooperation.

Foundation for Polish Science (FNP)
Foundation for Polish Science  is a recognized, independent, self-financing and non-profit organization established in 1991. he Foundation’s mission is to provide assistance and support to the scientific community in Poland.

For the past 15 years FNP has been providing Polish individual scientists and research groups with substantial aid in the form of awards, grants, scholarships and many other projects carried out in compliance with the Foundation’s statutory goals. As a result of its versatile activities and a wide range of programmes, FNP managed to establish a strong reputation of an institution significantly contributing to the Polish science development.

FNP joins EURYI  (European Young Investigator Award) to attract more researchers to Poland
With Poland entering the European Union in 2004, it is natural that the tasks of the institution supporting Polish science evolve to a higher level, i.e. to a European one. Hence the Foundation for Polish Science has joined the renowned EURYI programme this year, thus enabling young scientists from all over the world to consider conducting their research in Poland.

The EURYI programme was established by the European Heads of Research Councils (EuroHORCs) in association with the European Science Foundation in 2003. The aim of the EURYI Award is to attract outstanding young researchers from all over the world to work in Europe for the further development of European science, contributing to the building up of the next generation of leading European scientists.

Award to attract young researchers
The Award lasts for a 5-year period, depending on the satisfactory progress. The total value of the EURYI amounts to max. 1.25 mil Euro. Awards must be taken up at a host institution in a country participating in the EURYI Award scheme. The Award is granted to 25 laureates yearly. Applicants are expected to have an excellent research record and the potential to become the world-class leader in their areas of research. The programme is addressed to young researchers  who have between 2 and 8 years of postdoctoral experience at the closing date of the call.

All grants, prizes and scholarships available from the Foundation under the frame of  its diverse schemes are awarded solely on a competitive peer-review basis.

For more information on EURYI visit The Foundation for Polish Science

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