Visit MedCoast Scandinavia at Biotech Forum in Copenhagen 26-28th of September

Visit MedCoast Scandinavia at Biotech Forum in Copenhagen 26-28th of September

Visit MedCoast Scandinavia at Biotech Forum in Copenhagen 26-28th of September.

MedCoast Scandinavia is a member of ScanBalt.

MedCoast Scandinavia hosts a regional pavilion at Biotech Forum in Copenhagen, the 26-28th of September 2006.

The interest has been huge and the pavilion has many interesting companies and actors represented.
MedCoast hosts a reception in the pavilion C2-015 on Wednesday  27 September, at 15.00.

Exhibitors in the MedCoast pavilion:

Oslo Cancer Cluster
Clavis Pharma
Lytix Biopharama
Oslo cancer cluster
Radiumhosptalets forskningestiftelse http://www.radforsk.noand

MedTech and Analytical tools
Biolin ,
Biosence Laboratories
TATAA Biocenter

Marine and Chemical biotech
Biotech Pharmacon
Bohus Biotech
Chemical Biology Plattform

Institute for Biomaterials and Cell Therapy
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Network
Biomedicine in the heart of Scandinavia
Göteborg International Bioscience Business School, GIBBS

Science Parks, TTOs and IPR Competence
Birkeland Innovasjon
Sahlgrenska science park
About MedCoast Scandinavia
MedCoast Scandinavia is a cross boarder network organization with the aim of strengthening and developing the biomedical sector in the Göteborg-Oslo region. MedCoast Scandinavia works as a catalyst to facilitate collaboration between scientists, companies and the public sector, enhance entrepreneurship and commercialization of innovations. We also work to facilitate venture capital in the biomedical sector and to increase foreign investments.

Did you know that the MedCoast region …
· Has about 400 biomedical companies employing 10 000 people.
· The biotech venture capital investment is about 50 million EURO annually.
· Every year about 20 start-ups are established and 40 biotech patents are registered.
· External research contracts at the Universities in the region totalled to 190 million EURO. 350-400 PhD students are annually graduated within biotechnology.
Olivia Lindau-Jonsson

Information & PR
MedCoast Scandinavia,



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