Your Solution is Needed: New Project On Board for the Baltic Sea

Your Solution is Needed: New Project On Board for the Baltic Sea


We are happy to announce our latest project participation in partnership with Scanbalt from Estonia and the Lithuanian Biotechnology Association, in collaboration with Business Region Göteborg: Closing gaps: Techniques and solutions for reducing pharmaceutical residuals in the Baltic Sea region.

The Baltic Sea is a shared space between nations and a complex ecosystem. Due to these factors, the space demands joint action to increase cross-sectoral collaboration and improve the environmental health of the Baltic Sea.

From YOU, we are interested in knowing about existing techniques, solutions, processes, and waste management systems that can reduce pharmaceutical residuals from reaching the sea and wastewater. That being said, we would like to stop the residuals as early in the process as possible – in everything from the production of pharmaceuticals and the handling of used drugs, to management systems at hospitals, city waste treatments, hospital cleaning and so on.

Please let us know about the solutions out there!

About the project

Pharmaceutical residuals from the healthcare sector and their environmental impact are key areas where technical, operative and normative gaps between countries need to lessen.

With this objective, the partners in this project will implement a multistakeholder horizontal collaboration during the next eight months. We will share and compare techniques and conditions for using innovative solutions – solutions that have the possibility of reducing pharmaceutical residual within the healthcare sector among the Baltic Sea countries.

The project will contribute to reducing and closing existing gaps (technical and operative) among the involved actors. It will also share and compare techniques, conditions, and innovative solutions – all with the long-term goal of reducing impacts on the environment.

Do you have or know a solution which reduces pharmaceutical residuals in healthcare waste? Tell us about it! Contact Triin Vakker at


This project is funded by the Swedish Institute.

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