ScanBalt Strategy 2019 – 2021

Northern Europe: One Market, Test and Development Site in Health and Bio Economy

Focus Areas

The strategy 2019-2021 has three Focus Areas with connected Action Lines:

Focus Area: Funding and Financing Action Lines

• Develop coordinated investments between Horizon 2020, structural funds and national/regional public- private financing

• Promote local and regional involvement in ScanBalt activities by engaging their expertise into projects • Promote sustainability of thematic

Focus Area: Accessibility and Networking Action Lines

• Promote transnational networking between clusters and networks, public authorities, companies and research institutions

• Identify, co-host and promote regional conferences with an international potential

• Strengthen networking with emerging markets like (but not limited to) India and Vietnam and existing markets e.g. the US and UK

Focus Area: Business Support and Matchmaking Action Lines

• Develop ScanBalt Business Club as an attractive offer for companies

• Matchmaking to develop new services and technologies and to promote uptake of innovations into the health care systems

• Identify stakeholder’s needs for interactive web-based tools for networking and open innovation and integrate into the ScanBalt

Focus areas 2019-2021 are presented in Northern Europe: One Market, Test and Development Site in Health and Bio Economy


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