ScanBalt Bioeconomy Working Group

Supporting the development of the Baltic Sea Region Bioeconomy Network. Discussing the legal and regulatory frameworks related to bioeconomy in the South Baltic Area.

Whereas ScanBalt is already well known for its high emphasis on cross-sectoral and transnational projects for Innovation in Health and in Life Sciences, the growing field of bioeconomy has yet an enormous potential to grow. Regarding the huge efforts recently made by nearly all Baltic Sea states to set up national bioeconomy strategies, ScanBalt aims to help to transfer political goals to practical action.

These activities perfectly fit the European Green Deal. The Green Deal is a roadmap of policy initiatives to boost the efficient use of resources and accelerate the movement towards a clean and circular economy in Europe. The deal is clearly related to the vision of a sustainable healthcare sector. On one hand, the sector has an essential role in treating the health impacts of climate change, but on the other hand, it contributes significantly to harmful emissions. Areas such as climate-smart hospitals, safer and cleaner pharmaceutical manufacturing and disposal, sustainable food production, chemical pollution, and its impact on human diseases as well as sustainable procurement of medical products, are all relevant. Scanbalt and its member have now the opportunity to take a lead and drive the research and implementation of sustainable healthcare products and services.

To tackle these topics ScanBalt is currently establishing a bioeconomy working group. Goals of the working group bioeconomy in ScanBalt are currently the following:

  • Defining objectives more precisely, focusing on the creation of added value for all partners
  • Concretization towards calls and project partnerships
  • Acquisition of joint projects
  • Matching research and entrepreneurship to develop new bioeconomic products in a cross-border approach
  • join forces to establish a sustainable bioeconomy network in the Baltic Sea Region


Welcome to the ScanBalt Bioeconomy Working Group Kick-off meeting!

It is important for us to involve the actors with their needs and interests in the work and design of the working group from the very beginning. Therefore we are looking forward to lively participation in our kick-off meeting on 21.10.2020 from 14:00-16:00 CEST (online event).


*The kick-off will be held in close cooperation with the partners of the BioBIGG project. BioBIGG seeks to strengthen SME’s innovation capacity by the means of cross-border knowledge transfer, advisory activities, and interdisciplinary network formation. The project focuses on biomaterials from the value chain, from which innovative food, non-food, and energy products can be processed. Knowledge is transferred between the regions and communicated between companies and other stakeholders.

ScanBalt members: