Long Term Living Lab Business Plan

Living lab business models and services – Key findings from Product Validation in Health (ProVaHealth) project

Living lab is a user-centered research and open innovation approach operating in a real-life or real-life kind of environments in which diverse groups actors are together developing and/or testing in a co-creative manner new solutions at different stages of innovation process while utilizing various research, development and testing methods via systematic methodology. This report presents the key findings of the Baltic Sea region health and wellbeing living labs development efforts to co-create sustainable business models and services to support SMEs and start-ups internationalization efforts.

Firstly, the report starts by defining the key characteristic of living labs including (1) open innovation 2.0 ecosystem, (2) multi-stakeholder participation, (3) user-centered innovation process, (4) real-life or simulated setting, (5) systematic multi-method approach and (6) Iterative co-creation process. Secondly, living lab innovation process phases are clarified and aligned to the models described in (A) product/service development and (B) user-centered innovation and design research literature.

Commonly known and extensively utilized Business Model Canvas (BMC) approach, to describe business model, was adopted as theoretical framework to co-create business models for participating living labs. Thirdly, the report shortly summarizes the key elements of BMC and describes how Living Lab Business Model Canvas (LLBMC) survey tool was co-created to enable empirical evaluation of consortium members current and future (2021) business models. Also, the previous research findings regarding living lab business model are shortly summarized.

The LLBMC tool consisting of 101 different business model attributes was applied to ranking order the individual business model attribute relevance among ProVaHealth consortium members. A heat map summarizing the consolidated current and future (2021) business models is presented to show at one glance which attributes are the most important within the ProVaHealth consortium. Report includes also an easy to understand result table, which compares the mean values of current and future (2021) situation and indicates when the change is statistically significant.

The report continues by describing the research methodology for co-creating a common terminology for living lab services and align them to identified SMEs research, development and business needs. Like in the case of LLBMC tool, a similar heat map visualization is presented to highlight, which services are the most common among consortium members.

For each ProVaHealth consortium member (1) living lab hosting organization description and contact information, (2) core team members, (3) business model profile, (4) service portfolio and (5) a case example representing their project actives are presented.

Finally, conclusion based on in-depth interview among consortium members are presented regarding underlying factors of influencing living lab business models.


The full report can be found HERE.