Living Labs Toolbox

Living Lab Self-Assessment

The tool aims at helping Living Labs identify their development needs. It assists Living Labs to improve their testing activities and to ensure that they deliver the best quality of services to companies within the field of health innovation.

The toolbox consists of series of questions divided into different thematic modules. Each module of questions is accompanied with results’ range, so the living lab can follow its progress and assess the performing quality. The toolbox includes all the best theoretical and practical knowledge tested on partner Living Labs.

It will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete the survey.

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Based on the results of mapping and studying good practices of Living Labs in the BSR and other parts of the EU and the world, and the monitoring of the progress of partner Living Labs a toolbox has been developed which can also be used by different kinds of Living Labs (in other sectors) to self-assess their progress and development. Read the report HERE