Introducing the ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace

Introducing the ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace

The ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace is the new business-to-business sharing marketplace on which organisations from the ScanBalt BioRegion can rent out and sell idle capacity, facilities, and staff in a safe and trusted manner. It is free to register. ScanBalt is currently looking for regional coordinators.

About ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace:

In the ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace organisations will have options that include renting out office space, selling unused stock, renting out MRI or lab facilities, lending staff with particular skills or knowledge to another facility, sharing catering services with organisations in the area, selling unused furniture, or maybe even renting out parkingspaces in weekends.

It is quite a mindshift, but possibilities are endless. For more inspiration, see the FLOOW2 Healthcare homepage, or this Dutch hospital’s profile: Rijnstate.

With this sharing marketplace ScanBalt aims to provide organisations in the region with a smart tool to generate more revenue or to cut costs by renting or buying items or services that other organisations do not need (anymore).

We all know that what stands idle costs money, and what can be rented or purchased from other organisations comes at a cheaper cost than when buying brand new. Above it all, there is a growing urge to start operating in a more sustainable manner.

The ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace contributes to a more sustainable way of doing business by creating an environment in which organisations can achieve more with what is already available.

It is free to register.

Discount 30 % to members of ScanBalt and their network

The ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace is a collaboration between ScanBalt BioRegion and FLOOW2 Healthcare, the first sharing marketplace for healthcare organisations.

The ScanBalt members benefit form a 6-month free trial period, during which they have the opportunity to implement this new concept of asset sharing in their organisations and make it work to their advantage. After the trial period, ScanBalt members benefit from a 30% discount on subscription fee.

Become a regional coordinator and gain financial benefits for your organisation and your members

ScanBalt is currently looking for regional coordinators of the ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace which have the task to inform about the site regionally and to approve new profiles from your region. To become a regional coordinator you have to be a regional authority, cluster or network and be a member of ScanBalt.

Your members will then benefit from the 30 % discounts on subscription fee and your own organisation will share a percentage of the subscription fees according to a key agreed upon between ScanBalt and the members.

To become a member of ScanBalt see here or contact

Find the test version of ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace here. If you have comments to the test version do not hesitate to forward them to

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Lieke van Kerkhoven form FLOOW2 Healthcare: , +31(0)6 2257 5735.

ScanBalt members: