Join ScanBalt BioRegion project consortia or propose new topics

Join ScanBalt BioRegion project consortia or propose new topics

An introduction to and overview of ScanBalt BioRegion Project Consortia

On the picture: Members of ScanBalt met January 2014 in Tallinn to plan future project consortia. ScanBalt has over the years an ROI for the members of more than 15 to 1.

ScanBalt BioRegion and the EUSBSR flagship ScanBalt HealthRegion are working intensively to establish a number of new project consortia directed towards Horizon2020, the Baltic Sea Region programme and other funds.

Focus on MedTech, Health and Bio Economy
The focus is on MedTech, Health and Bio Economy together with horizontal issues such as innovation, cluster development, internationalisation, communication and talents.

MedTech is inserted into an EU pre-seed project process PATHOS aiming for a shared Baltic Sea Region MedTech innovation platform. Read more about PATHOS here.

The discussions in PATHOS and in the many other project consortia are coordinated via ScanBalt and the board (ExCo) of the association. The aim is to ensure that the projects exploit synergies, share knowledge and work along a shared vision and strategy for ScanBalt BioRegion.

ScanBalt promotes the coordinated investments between Horizon2020, structural funds, regional and national public-private financing into trans-national activities facilitated by the decentralised structure of ScanBalt based on regional networks and clusters.

Consortia Overview
For a brief overview of the consortia currently being discussed please look at ScanBalt BioRegion consortia. Be aware of that the list of new project consortia is constantly growing due to the discussions between the members of ScanBalt, so the overview should only be taken as an indication.

In case you would like more information, would like to be involved or have ideas and suggestions for new activities please do not hesitate to contact ScanBalt at

For membership of ScanBalt please look here.

ScanBalt members: