ScanBalt Forum 2017 promotes the Baltic Sea region as one test and development site in Health

ScanBalt Forum 2017 promotes the Baltic Sea region as one test and development site in Health


Nearly 90 participants were present at ScanBalt Forum in Tallinn 18 October to discuss the many projects and activities working towards the common goal of the Baltic Sea Region as one test and development site within health and health care.

Together the projects have flagship status in the EU Baltic Sea Region strategy by being part of the PA 7 Policy Area Innovation within the project umbrella “HealthRegion”.

The currently running projects Baltic Fracture Competence Center, ProVaHealth, BaltCity Prevention, BiC, EduShare, IC Health and BONEBANK all gave presentations and provided input to an exiting and lively day.

This was spiced up with inspirational talks by Lars Lindsköld, Region Västra Götaland, Benno Legler, WifOR and Sachin Gaur, InnovatioCuris. They delivered food for thoughts which were intensely discussed during the breaks.

Dr. Movchan, Saint Petersburg Region gave a highly interesting insight into the Saint Petersburg Medical and Pharmaceutical Cluster and declared the interest in working closer together with the Baltic Sea Region.

Key conclusions from ScanBalt Forum

At the end of the Forum it could be concluded that there are common interests and potential synergies between the projects which should be better exploited by linking them together in the pursuit of:

  • better service offerings for SMEs, clinics and scientist
  • more effective utilization of scarce resources
  • improved project visibility
  • better anchoring of project outcomes
  • promoting smart specialization.

In particular digital health, data and registries came out as key words connecting the project portfolio and being of common interest.

There were specific requests from the projects that more attention should be directed towards facilitating the market access across borders and enhancing dialogue with the policy level.

The project leaders together with ScanBalt and its members will now discuss how to follow up on the conclusions at the Forum both in the short, mid and long-term perspectives.

We would like to give our sincere thanks to the many participants at ScanBalt Forum 2017 for all their support, enthusiasm, good ideas and creativity!

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Peter Frank, ScanBalt: The development of ScanBalt BioRegion

Lars Lindsköld, Region Västra Götaland: From Images to immagination


Session 1: A Digital  Health Agenda for the BSR – Steps towards practical implementation

Anna Eckers, Life Science Nord: Baltic Fracture Competence Center – Cross border fracture registry promoting better patient care and innovation

Thomas Karopka, ScanBalt: IC Health – Digital health literacy as a prerequisite for application of innovative solutions

Stevic Sinisa, ASKVA: Example of web-based application for monitoring of quality of care through indicators

Dr. Dennis A. Ostwald & Benno Legler, WifOR: The Economic Footprint of the Health Economy in the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the whole of Germany

Rüdiger Breitschwerdt, Hochschule Flensburg: eHealth – Interactive, Intelligent, Innovative


Session 2: Commercialization in Health Care – BSR as one test and development site

Külle Tarnov, Tallinn Tehnopol: ProVaHealth – Access to health infrastructures for startups and SMEs

 Valérie Daussin, Ideklinikken: Commercialization of Biomarkers

Katrin Kaarna, University of Tartu: EATRIS – Ease the road to the clinical phase

K. Movchan, Saint Petersburg Region: Saint Petersburg Medical and Pharmaceutical Cluster

Thomas Frahm, Life Science Nord: BONEBANK – A German-Danish biobank for stem cells in bone healing


Session 3: Entrepreneurship and education in HealthCare – Export of knowledge

Kadri Oja, University of Tartu: Edushare – Joint capacity building in biomedical higher education

Anna-Lena Pohl, Hochschule Flensburg: BaltCityPrevention – Prevention intervention planning

Andres Salumets, CCHT: Competence Centre on Health Technology – A platform to develop innovative technologies and commercialization

Sachin Gaur, Innovatiocuris: Collaboration with India


Session 4: Preparing for the future

 Åsalie Hartmanis, SwedNanoTech: NanoTech – Time for Baltic Sea collaboration?

Frank Graage, Steinbeis Team Northeast: How to fund our new ideas and projects – Overview of health related upcoming calls and funding programmes

Simona Gailiūtė, Enterprise Lithuania and Jaanus Pikani, ScanBalt/Tartu Biotechnology Park: Announcement of Life Science Baltics 2018/ScanBalt Forum 2018


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