ProVaHealth project workshop and Living Lab development workshop 2 (Vilnius): Involving real users and stakeholders

Event Date: 18 June 2018

Venue: Vilnius University, Universiteto st. 3

June 18 – ProVaHealth PROJECT MEETING

10:00 – Coffee and snacks
10:30 ProVaHealth progress update and plan for June-December 2018 – project manager, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol
10:45 ProVaHealth marketing update– Peter Frank, ScanBalt
11:00 WP 2-4 meetings in groups to discuss and agree on the agenda for June- December 2018
11:45 WP 2 – presentation and discussion of the self-assessment toolbox
12:15 WP 3 – presentation and discussion on updates
12:30 WP 4 – presentation and status updates on the LL testing processes
13:00 Lunch
13:45 Results from the analysis of the business model canvas, Harri Haapaniemi, Laurea
14:15 Discussion and refinement of the attributes of the business model canvas, generating ideas for future business models, Harri Haapaniemi, Laurea
16:15 End of the day, room for discussion of relevant topics (if necessary)
16:45 ProvaHealth PMT meeting (if necessary)
19:00 Dinner organized in the city centre of Vilnius

June 19 – ProVaHealth LIVING LAB DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP No 2: Involving real users and stakeholders

9:00 Welcome and introduction of the day
9:20 Presentation of best practice 1 – Vilnius
9:40 Presentation of best practice 2 – Innovation Skane
10:00 Presentation of best practice 3 – Oulu
10:20 Involving real users and stakeholders, presentation by Froceth
10:40 coffee break
11:00 Visit to the laboratories at the faculty of Philosophy of Vilnius University
13:00 Lunch

13:45 ​Brainstorming for tools for involving target groups ​- in 4 groups – Harri Haapaniemi, Laurea

● customer segments based on the business model canvas results, refining the business model canvas results

● identify the best practices and channels to reach and engage them as customers together with your key partners

15:45 ​cross-learning from the group discussions and identification of elements of transnational collaboration
16:30 End of the workshop