BDF Summit 2018 – Time for a BSR 2.0? (Tallinn)

BDF Summit 2018 – Time for a BSR 2.0? (Tallinn)

Event Date: 4 June 2018

We are proud to extend an invitation to join the Baltic Development Forum’s 20th Annual Summit. As with previous Summits, we hope to have a full and diverse range of participants to hear and engage in cutting edge discussions on the Baltic Sea Regio

In line with BDF tradition, the Summit discussions will be centered around BDF´s analyses. In Tallinn, two new analyses will be launched by BDF and partners:

In the first part of the Summit, we focus on the political developments inside and outside of the BSR. The 7th edition of the Political State of the Region Report will be presented by the young writers group behind its content. Following its presentation, the report will be discussed by a distinguished panel of renowned political figures and experts. This year´s report looks closer into how the countries in the BSR Region are coming to grips with the development of a more flexible Europe. As previous years, the report has been developed in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, utalising a number of roundtables held in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Berlin throughout the year. Join the interesting discussions and take home a complimentary copy of the report! You can find last year’s here.

Moving to the second part of the Summit, we will focus on the Region´s economic development through a 20-year perspective. The commissioned report looks at the region´s performance and integration of policy, identify potentials and challenges, and suggesting concrete action for the future. The report has been developed in cooperation with Landfall Strategy Group and with support from the Nordic Investment Bank. The report will be discussed in a panel with the authors of the BDF State of the Region Report. Listen to their insights and pick up a copy of the report!

We will also use the occasion of BDF´s 20th anniversary, and final Summit, for a moment of celebration as we go down memory lane looking back on 20 years of achievements and results.

Our founder and honorary chairman Uffe Ellemann-Jensen will give his perspective on the BSR Region as we say a final goodbye. Don´t miss this moment!

We are looking forward to welcoming you, and to thank all our good partners, sponsors and cooperation partners for the many years of fantastic cooperation.

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