Well-being in Information Society – Fighting Inequalities (Turku)

Well-being in Information Society – Fighting Inequalities (Turku)

Event Date: 27 August 2018

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Welcome to WIS2018 which looks for innovations and fresh ideas in the cross-section of urban living, information society and health as understood in a wide sense. Starting in 2006, this is now the seventh conference in its series.

WIS 2018 seeks high-quality contributions based both on scientific research and practical experience. The conference is multidisciplinary in nature, gives room for qualitative and quantitative analysis, empirical surveys, case studies as well as for conceptual work; thereby making WIS 2018 a perfect forum for exchange of information and ideas.

The private organizations are welcome to present their solutions, network with the promising young talents in the field and learn about the emerging trends.

Register following the link: http://wis.fi/registration/

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